Dec. 9, 2020

Ashley On - Cannabis & CBD for Cancer with Dr. Kat Rozakis

Ashley On - Cannabis & CBD for Cancer with Dr. Kat Rozakis

Dr. Katerina Rozakis “Dr. Kat” has a PhD in Natural Health Sciences, is a LCSW Licensed Psychotherapist in California & is BCIM Board Certified Integrative Medicines.

A speaker and cancer survivor, Dr. Kat is an inspiration. We discuss her experience with cannabis and CBD for Cancer.


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Hello. Dr. Cat? Hello, Ashley.

Hi there. Welcome to the long Thanksgiving weekend. I hope everything's going great for you. Oh, it's wonderful.

Thank you and the same to you. Well, thanks for being on the show here with us. Your background is really interesting to me and I look forward to talking to you today and and focusing on cannabis and cannabinoids CBD and and specifically your experience with cancer. And also what you're With integrative medicines and everything that you're you're up to there. So why don't you start by just giving us a little bit of an introduction on yourself and we can just kind of take the conversation from there if that works.

Thank you. As you know you're calling me, dr. Cat my name is dr. Katarina wirz aqus and dr. Cat is what I go by because of the decision that will make to call me. So anyway, I'm here because I love the Natural Health Realm. And I studied in Natural Health over 20 years ago and ended up working as a natural health integrative medicine doctor and an integrated psychotherapist. I'm the owner of insight Wellness Center and I am a psycho oncologist along other many things.

That's great. So tell us I think to start with and I hope we're not jumping into it too soon, but I would love to talk about your story your personal story with cancer as I understand it. You're a Survivor and obviously cancer is something that's top of mind to a lot of us who have been touched by that one way or another with our families ourselves and my father actually recently passed away from cancer. So it's really, you know, sensitive topic for me. So Just love to hear. You know what you're willing to share with us about your journey through that and how cannabis came into play and and or CBD I you know cannabis is CBD. I like to say that a lot on this podcast want people to understand that what it really is. It's just a non-psychoactive version of the cannabis plant. But anyway, why don't you if you could take it away and tell us a little bit about your journey.

Yes. Well, I'm sorry to hear that but your father's passing. Oh, thank you. There isn't anybody on the planet? Janet who has not been affected by cancer either a friend or a family member and I myself I spent so many years in the health Natural Health round. My brother was a bodybuilder my mother, you know only cook healthy Greek Foods, you know, the Mediterranean diet and Longevity and health and my father's a Spartan and so he used to make us wake up every day and exercise used to make us get in the snow in our pajamas, too. Build our immune system and so it was no surprise that I was interested in being in the Natural Health realm. No one expected that I would be diagnosed with cancer. And when I got diagnosed with a cancer people would call me and they say why you because my job was to help people to prevent illness and cancer as we know does not have an age. It doesn't have a sex it effects. Anybody and there's so much that we need to learn about cancer because we look at genetics. We look at lifestyle and went to Eton, you know, I didn't have it in my family. There were no genetics. I did genetic testing because I was quite surprised. My father's one of 12. My mother's one of seven. It's a pretty large family and then again teaching people, you know, about methylation and so forth. So obviously when I got diagnosed seven years ago, I was a deer in headlights. I was shocked everybody shocked and they go through the stages of grief for me having three children and like most moms, you know, there was no way that I was going to let this thing get me down. However, being a deer in headlights. I lost all of the education I had in my head it was as if I was following this white light right into conventional medicine, you know, I I'm in In complementary integrative it means using best of the East and the west and yet I was just going straight for what the doctors were telling me and you know one day after you know, the shock started to wear off. I started to say I need to do more and because you can't really heal yourself or your family. There's so much subjective things going on. I hired two people one natural path and one functional medicine doctor and having studied. In Natural Health 20 over 21 years ago, the first class that we take is about cancer the history of cancer how cancer was treated conventionally. And so the people that I worked with immediately wanted me to start being on cannabis. I didn't use it recreationally. I didn't feel I needed to and I didn't use it for my health. Now. I know better preventatively I think everybody I'd be taking a little bit CBD and we'll talk about that daily. But I I felt like this was something that I was going to consider. But my Natural Health doctors were insisting not only that every day. I would say for a couple of weeks was very bizarre and opened the door of my house and be a little brown bag. And in that while people didn't give it to me. I don't know why they showed up at 11 o'clock. But this is seven years ago, right and so I would open up the brown bag and there was all these goodies, you know from brownies to gummies tinctures at a every type of cannabis. You can imagine I felt like I was progressing. Okay because I was using complementary medicines with my chemo, but it caught up with me. I had metastatic cancer. I had it in my chest. My lymph nodes in both my breasts and so the chemo was very hard. I had to go in for a radical mastectomy and then bouts of chemo for a very long time and then 13 weeks of daily radiation and six areas. So while I was going through the chemotherapy a lot of the medications cause you discomfort and pain and it was a Friday night and I had so much pain and I think I was doing was helping me. And so I reached for the bag and you what did I pull out? What do you think? I pulled out the brownie? Everybody says the brownie. I'm glad he didn't want the brownie because cookie the cookie. Okay second choice. It was this big and I remember sitting on my blue couch. I remember the color so clearly and these beautiful, you know, Lavender lamp shades with little crystals hanging down which I you know everyday busy working didn't even pay any attention to it was sitting down and took a little bite and I hadn't eaten as we know with cancer. We don't have an appetite and we'll talk about see if you with that as well.

And so I think the edible started working pretty quickly on me and I suddenly it was the most amazing thing. It wasn't that my pain went away. It was that I was getting distant from my pain. And I I started noticing things around me. I started noticing that lampshade and the soft velour of the couch and I wasn't focusing in on me and I thought to myself, you know, I'm going to go take a bath if this feels good. The water is going to feel good. It's something I hadn't done, you know with operations you avoid water. But before I went into the bath I got frightened and I thought to myself what if this wears off in the pain comes back. That's how bad the pain was. I got terrified. And so I ate the whole cookie and as we know, you know, this was this had THC in it, unfortunately for me and not for everybody. I had a reaction to the THC where I started feeling very anxious and did start having some pain back, but it was more of the anxiety what I know now because I continued my studies while going through treatments and finish the certification and psycho-oncology and through future studies is that CBD hemp cannabinoid is an antidote to THC. And so if I knew then what you know what I know now would have taken a little bit more of the CBD. However, I knew it helped me and I knew that I had made a mistake at a desperate seem to have too much and hopefully we'll talk about dosing as well, you know, because we don't need a lot, right? You know little can be more.

So yes, so I went looking for and seven years ago. It's not like today where you could easily find CBD without THC. So I found something that had very little THC in it and CBD and then used it routinely since then up until now, you know, I'm still going through surgery. I had a major surgery in December and having another one in a month because of the Scarring and the multiple surgeries I'm using the topical and CBD and with what we're going to talk about today. It doesn't leave my bedside. Right? Wow. Well, thank you. There's so much more I guess to unpack on this but thank you for sharing so far and it's youknow, I my, you know, fortunately my experience I guess fortunately or unfortunately,

it's always Either yourself or someone you love right? And in my case my experience someone I love and you know watching him go through the pain of chemo and how that how real everything gets in that time, you know in the fact that you were able to benefit from that. I am glad that you're sharing that because I think you know my in my father's case. He probably would have benefited from a lot more stories about what you're saying because I don't think he really had the confidence to even though I've been in the business for five years. Self right.

It's still like you said the path to traditional medicine is so intense when you get into that cancer Zone, if you know your life is threatened and you're you're scared and you're you're you know, there's all these emotions that you're experiencing and it's really easy to just fall right in line with whatever the doctor say. And unfortunately, there's a lot of things that they don't say right that I think you know, People have to experience and become aware of through other means so

I really appreciate you sharing that with us and you know, one of the things I heard in talking with some of my other colleagues on this show is to explain that reaction if you had the in maybe, you know, maybe again I'm not a physician or a PhD so I don't have you know, the qualifications to really talk on it. But in what I understood from speaking with Joseph Rosado, excuse me, who was just on the program. What happens is the your heart rate increases in your blood pressure drops with cannabis. And so therefore that's what creates that racing feeling that creates the anxiety and they can lead into that, you know kind of a panic attack kind of situation. But anyway, I'm glad you shared that as well. So anybody that's listening to this can understand what? to expect and to not get too scared about something like that if it does happen to them and it's not

everybody everybody's acts differently because of their endocannabinoid system and of course the strain, you know of the CBD and THC combination Right, which is something that is really lacking in science right in terms of what you know, what does what and then I think a lot of people are developing, you know, originally the theory was as simple as sativa Indica hybrid sativa do make you more on the upside indicative, but you more on the Sleepy side and a hybrid for during the day. Unfortunately, I think most of us realize now that it's not that simple and a lot of time You know, there's there are sativas that can more lead to a more down effects. There are indicators that can lead to more up uplifting effect. And I think what the emerging science is suggesting is that Salt Air terpene based. So it's really the terpene combinations that you're finding and what that does for your individual body and what you react to based on those terpenes is really the effect that you're going to get from the Cannabis, which is absolutely and I work with hemp CBD airily and we don't find that people get that heart rate. It actually helps slow the heart rate down. That's why the CBD helps with anxiety and that's why you know, when you look at the THC the higher like we explained earlier the higher the THC and the lower the CBD the higher the chances as Joseph had explained will happen to you an you're right. There's so much research that needs to be done. Everybody's growing they're doing hybrid. It's very Horton to know your your source and I hope we talk about that a little bit yeah, so what are your thoughts on sourcing? I mean I've been in the business for a while. I mean there's you know really comes down to Quality right but do you have any any particular things that you would suggest folks look for when they're thinking about that? Yes people come to me because I'm a specialist or looking at something complementary or alternative. A lot of people don't want a lot have a lot of Option medication rather start the natural route and you know taking an oath to do no harm and truly believing in Wellness. I didn't look at CBD as oh, wow. Here's something that you know, we can try I looked at it as what does it have to offer what are the health benefits and what are the problems that it can occur? You know, I'm an inventor and I invented something 20 years ago that I thought was amazing, but it you know when you do the research you There's problems. So that's why it's so important to allow time to allow to learn and so what I do is I vet products that I recommend and I want to make sure that it's pure pure means that they may not be any mold or pesticide toxins per se in the CBD the as we know them CBD is has been used to clean grounds, you know in areas where there's toxic. It's a I'll plan it pulls up everything but as it pulls up all these wonderful nutrients for our body. It also pulls up all the toxins. And so looking for something that's organic from the soil, you know all the way up to the way the the plant is raised. It's not enough to just be tested in my opinion. It needs to be tested, you know throughout outside lab third-party tested down. It's very important. Portent that you can read the label if there's there was a study that showed that I don't know what percent it was, but I believe it was around 80% the what was in the bottle. What was was not on the packaging and you know, how can I do something like that? We want to start low, but if I know that I'm using something that's a pure CBD and has the amount of CBD in milligrams. Then I know how to help. A tour to Monitor and a science we can see what really helps if we don't get to a science with what's in the CBD. It's going to be very hard to to do sit in the natural realm, you know, we know that pharmaceutical companies are getting involved and they you know synthesized medicines and they've created synthetic cannabis for certain medical illnesses. So those are those But they're not natural and the natural has minimum side effects on like something that the body doesn't recognize and see if you need something that the body recognize so I do look also for full spectrum full spectrum. Meaning that the whole plant is in there. I believe in whole whole milk and that's important because there's a synergistic and Entourage effect that happens when you have the Whole now with CBD, there's point zero percent THC or .03 which is non psychoactive and considered over-the-counter, right? So there's some people who have I have people who are in the law enforcement. I work with many nurses and they have to get tested and in some places. There's zero tolerance for even a legal amount of THC. And so that's where I would recommend a broad spectrum which is the full plant without the THC, right? Okay. Well, thank you for clarifying that I know that's a point of confusion for a lot of people and it changes a lot in the marketplace. There's some manufacturers that are you know being very liberal with how they're using those terminologies. So I think you've kind of laying out what to really look for there and two questions to ask One of the things that on this whole topic is one of the things we want to do here on the show is to it's all about education and awareness and helpfulness, you know for people to get the right information that are looking for it. And so with that I've thought about actually just started. I haven't rolled it out yet, but we're going to be having a CBD products rating and reviews here so that we can since we're not operating too. You know sell any products necessarily we're going to provide some ratings on all the popular brands and ask anybody that wants to have their product rated to send it to us and we'll get it up and review the product for them. So great. That's a very good idea because we need reference points, you know, we there's so many websites out there and people are tooting their own horn because they want to make money and that's not a bad thing. But you don't know, you know how to decipher. Who's who so I'm very happy to hear that so, So exciting. Well, thank you. I'm glad to hear that. It's getting these think it's a good idea because you never know right? It's what's the right? What are the right things that we need to do to really help break through and help people understand what this is and what it isn't so we need to talk. Yeah. Exactly.

So Switching gears a little bit to talk about you mentioned earlier alluded to CBD as part of a daily routine talk to us about that. What why you recommend that and what kind of daily

Thank you. You typically are looking for there. Okay, so I'm you know, you're asking about me and I think you're asking about General. Is that correct?

Yeah and general like what you would recommend to, you know, the people that are you're working with

well with CBD always start slow and titrate up or down as needed again, everybody's cannabinoid system is different when we're talking about cancer. There's research that is very promising. Around the area of cancer in 2013. There was evidence showing that cannabinoids were to reduce tumor size and they interfere with cancer cell migration adhesion and vacations meant metastasize and so forth. It has shown to stop proliferation and you cancer cells. So I feel that not only just with cancer we know about inflammation and pain and inflammation being a culprit to you know, most illnesses and So if you're taking a little bit of CBD a like you would a vitamin D3 but with vitamin D3 not everybody may need it we can get our blood work. We can't get her blood work done and see how much hard cannabinoids are yet and how much each person will need. And so I always recommend a little bit see how you feel possibly because there could be a side effect even though it's not psychoactive. You may feel a little sleepy during the day and what terpene it's mixed with you may have more. Our Focus but at night because it comes down the heart you may have lots of thoughts about work or something that's bothering you but the cortisol or the gentleman's not Russian so you can still have your thoughts and sleep.

So very little for preventive in general for the daily dose that we were talking about and then it's somebody's coming in and needing it for a treatment again always collaborating with the doctor looking at what other medications some Use on because we do know that CBD can increase the serum level of some medications and we're looking at the metabolism of CBD in the liver. There's some good news that says that CBD may not plug the same pathway, but that it actually goes through and allows the medicines but there's so much research and it's what is it over 5,000 studies at this time and CBD, you know, there's over 20,000 on cannabis itself, you know. Historically the other thing that we do know, so that's the preventive but from the treatment perspective there's research that shows that CBD can actually cut the feeder veins. It provides that Supply the tumor with oxygen and nutrients and so, you know, I I think it's important everybody's different CBD is not for everybody. It's you know, there are Says as their need to be because this is a new Arena but I'd look at CBD as aspirin or opiates when they first started these are plants that have done such amazing things aspirin not so much. It's all good. But opiates have changed our lives tremendously, but it can cause some Carm and so we need to make sure that we're moving responsibly with whatever we're using and we do encourage. courage dialogue and I think by putting up the information and I here's the other good thing about putting a website up where people can go and look the competitors are going to want to be up there and people are going to see that the competitors may have a product that people are seeking because it meets its checks off all those right boxes and it's going to maybe create a little bit more responsibility, but for people also,

No, you know that there is a difference. I don't want to see CBD go away because somebody harm right because of Bad actors, right? I think AB study of a couple years ago the FDA. I think they studied there. They tested pulled about 20 products off of the the shelves. And if I recall there was something like 14 or more.

I guess I need to do my homework and get the actual fact of quite quite a few of them. Let's say that the didn't even have any CBD and the product whatsoever. And there was you know, the vast majority of them also retained it with you know, heavy metals or pesticides or some kind of toxic, you know contaminant that obviously you wouldn't want to ingest. Well, here's the the here's the number 16 pesticides on Street cannabis and up to 1 in a dispensary. And I think that was three years ago four years ago that I read about that. Um research pesticides alone, right? It's Malcolm. If you burn mold or pesticide that's can be very harmful with time. So again, you know this wonderful plant that is here like everything in nature to support us needs to be treated, you know with respect and whole so I guess going back at to little bit.

I realized in looking at my notes. We didn't really get into the details on you know, your cancer when you were doing I assume you did THC and CBD as part of your cure.

I started with and I had that reaction with THC. And so I looked into getting something that had very little THC and CBD until I found just CBD alone and that's where I started even carrying it in my practice but and researching we doing heavy dose. The CBD then during your cancer Doses and people don't need heavy doses as a matter of fact with cancer. There are so many symptoms. And what CBD does is it covers, you know, five very important areas.

One of them is pain, you know, whether it's from surgery the cancer itself can cause pain emotional pain and we know that CBD works very well with neuropathic pain. Okay, and so it's it's wonderful and I used it for that. I used it for swelling, you know, the type of chemo that I had and many of the chemos very strong they can cause neuropathy to and it can continue for the rest of your life. And so I was putting topical CBD on my feet. I recommend that along with other supplements again, it's not just CBD CBD is a part of it. We know that there's anxiety and depression, you know, am I going to survive what's going to happen to my family? I couldn't work. I had to put everything on hold. I was so lucky that I had a great Network, you know that came in to support me and help my practice.

I have a big clinic and so it was pretty scary and we know that's CBD offered similar effects to ssris. Those are serotonin reuptake hers. Which what you see in your major and To depressions that help the transmission of 5-HTP in the brain. So the research suggests that it helps affect your serotonin receptors faster and have fewer negative effects than some medications. But then again we need more research, but we know how CBD works with anxiety. So that was something that I used it for and I had your typical and nausea. I didn't have vomiting but I'm the type of person you put me in the back seat or an airplane, you know, I feel sorry for the person in the front, right? So after I started using the CBD, I had no nausea and till this day I can read in the backseat of a car. You know, these are not things that I haven't been experiencing for a month and we're talking about 7 years now and I even went you know to Disneyland with my children to celebrate and went on a ride. It would never go that would turn my stomach upside down it cause Cam and we know that with you know, No fear can trigger nausea the other thing that happened as you know, immediately lost 40 pounds. I look like a little skeleton. And so we know that CBD can stimulate the appetite CBD THC. A lot of people will talk about how the THC we've heard about the munchies, but and they say that if you want to do that, you know use cannabis and versus accountable Doyle.

However, There's a lot of wonderful research coming out on cbda a standing for acid and that's the CBD and a plant. That's the part that goes away as soon as you start heating up the plant so, you know, it's using the highest level of processing or not processing, you know to get a good grade of CBD and they found that the CBD a actually helps with nausea and to stimulate being the appetite. So those are all things that I used. And inflammation, you know pain in my joints. I was on a medication after my fourth treatment was a pill and that caused my body to have severe joint pain and lead to osteoporosis. So what happened was if I wanted to get out of bed? I couldn't walk couldn't move my feet by the time I would go to the bathroom. I could start walking again. So literally walking across the room was really hard. It was like, you know, it's a all I can explain it is as a stiffness and it hurts. So, you know, you can't walk. I hadn't when I use and I started using more CBD putting it on my feet. It actually removed the stiffness and I read somewhere in the research where CBD can mimic estrogen without the side effects of estrogen that's Something that definitely needs to be looked in more because I had estrogen related hormone cancer. And so I have to keep away with from anything that can stimulate estrogen and take an estrogen blocker. And so there's a lot of stuff that you can't you know, use and knowing that the CBD may possibly be helping me with my bones and not totally robbing me of my estrogen. That the medicine does that I get the good benefits without the negative which is you know, estrogen feeding cancer makes sense on and on and on so that makes sense. That's what two plants would do, right?

That's why absolutely so just one of the things that I look on your your background and one of things I was at that caught my attention, it was something that you mentioned about energy work.

Oh, yes, tell me about that energy work, you know and I was studying my focus wasn't on energy work and it caught my attention and I thought you know, I'm going to take this as an elective when you're studying Natural Health Sciences, you studying the philosophy of Natural Health, you know from the East and the west and it's nice job with e ayurvedic medicine medicine traditional Chinese medicine. They chop it. You have to study all of those and energy work was an elective. And so I took it thinking like what is this its Bodywork? It's it could go anywhere from Reiki to massage the chakra. It's understanding the chi in the body and the flow and at the center because I believe an integrative treatments so somebody comes in because they're depressed and they come in for Psychotherapy. We look at the whole person in their environment. Iron, meant offer alternative medicines to include meditate guided meditation and Reiki and we offer that in collaboration with the care that we do so people can heal as a whole. So energy work is really looking at the person's chakras and then stimulating the energy flow and with Reiki you don't you don't need to touch the person like you do with massage. and I believe doing the work that I have done that there's emotional blockage for so many people that can cause disease rushing can cause disease negative thoughts no matter how healthy you are, you know resentments those things can cause disease and when I started studying the chakra, I noticed that in ancient times all the way till now they're looking at the energy and the suppression developmentally what I've Noticed is that where the suppression is their psychological issues.

It's not just problems with your your gut or cardiac issues because you were abandoned or you know issues with your throat. There's also the inability to speak, you know to allow somebody to come in and love you. And so that's a little bit. It's great. I'm a big believer. I am I asked because I get energy work probably. Two times a month at least yelling. It's so relaxing to isn't it? Yeah. Yes it is. And it's it's real. I mean I wanted you to explain it because you would do a better job than I would ever do in terms of what of technically what it is, but it's something that I think, you know, I wanted to share with my listeners because it's a it's been a game changer, you know, I think it might my mind opened up. I had my story was I had an accident and I found Cannabis to be very especially, you know THC to take away the pain after my accident and then CBD really started to heal me heal the nerves at least for me and rebuild a lot of the pathways that I think were damaged. But anyway through that process it just became I became more aware of the the ability of the body to respond to plant medicine which then leads you into the the idea of understanding that you know you you know, if you've ever I had a lot of Chiropractic work done over the years because of that accident as well and you start to realize that yes, there's some physical things there but a lot of the things that come up in our lives and our bodies are mental, you know most of them right and so I also makes me you know, I hope you don't don't be insulted by this this question, but it makes me wonder with you because it makes me thinks the same thing about my Either there's no history of cancer in our family. He's from a large family. My mom's from a large family. No kick. Nobody has cancer. My dad gets it and eyes very rapidly. Right and I with what I know about this, you know, not nearly as much as you do, but what I know about it and what I'm wondering and learning more and more about is, you know, what was really the cause of his cancer and I wonder if you have thought about that with you or if that's that's too So feel free to do I know for me I use myself as an Avenue stories or everything being vulnerable were relatable, you know, because people see Health Care Providers and you know, maybe people like yourself who you know are at the top of your field and you know, they don't understand that, you know, we're people and we experience the same thing and we need it we need to talk about it. And so I did a lot of exploration around that area. Everything is energy, right? You know you eat something that's alive that's green, you know transfer

the energy into your body. What I did is I I've changed I didn't think I had an ego and I realized that it comes in different forms and you know, I reviewed you know, I got very angry I said to myself What were you waiting for Katarina, you know you're working working rushing rushing, you know, you want to do things later in your life, you know have a dream retirement and you've done nothing you've done nothing but work rush rush rush rush. And so I evaluated myself. I'm an optimist. I think I was born a happy person and And but you know, I recognize that that was a problem in myself. And we know as I mentioned earlier rushing is a disease the mind can affect our body. It can change ourselves. That's why energy work, you know is real and it's not, you know, we can see it right now, but you know, there are ways to measure the energy in the heat in the body. And if you're suppressing something if you're a high achiever. You know, that's not always the best thing and we know that high Achievers people who go go go go and do a lot and I've done a lot. We haven't even touched the surface and they still be proud of it.

You know what I did and how much I did but now it's all about slowing down relaxing recognizing that I can get things done faster when I go slower. Yeah, it's cancer and Any diseases from an energy perspective are affected by our environment meaning the people that we surround and our inner dialogues and it's so important to learn to recognize those and to change them because it's not just the beauty is just it's not just medicine. It's not just learning skills are restructuring is lonely what's inside you deeply inside you and doing the work right and it's a stressful world we live in and Different genetics and different environments and all those things play out very differently.

But I think the the one thing that is constant is, you know, the energy flow that we all have and the reality that how that relates to the endocannabinoid system. I don't know and maybe we don't know but the two together are pretty interesting when it comes to health and wellness because supplementing one and doing work on the other. Really be a game changer for a lot of people but you got to be open I think and you got to be open to that as a concept and to the to the you know lack of science quote-unquote there, right? Because I say that with the quotes, you know, everybody wants science these days, right and it frustrates me because this is science emerging right before our eyes the people are ignoring and that they're legislating away so that more science can't develop, right?

Thousands of years Ashley. I mean people were observing, you know stings and they could see things that we can't see now, you know now we close our eyes we take a pill we don't question why we have a headache, you know, why do we take water and in regards to the endocannabinoid system their CB1 receptor and C B to C B, 1 is cannabinoid one which covers our nervous system in our brain and our pain and our anxiety and depression and see be doing CBD to our immune system and its the highest amount of CB2 is in a lymph nodes. And so I mean that goes back to you know spread of cancer and all these anyway, do we yes we need research and yes, we need to be responsible. But there's also the sense of common sense. If you're in the right system is the largest receptor in your body responsible for bringing your body into a balanced health health Ters all over you wanting to you to be well and we have endocannabinoids means cannabinoids inside our body and we have cannabinoids XO outside of our body. So when we're having Fido cannabinoids plant cannabinoids that are rich in all these different cannabinoids. I think there's over a hundred and forty and I we have to look that up. It keeps changing but when you eat and it goes all over your your body, you know, and we do No, scientifically that those exist that the endocannabinoid is here, but they didn't discover until the 1990s and I still don't teach it in medical schools. And we need to be talking with doctors why we collaborate I just did a big Zoom with several doctors and they wanted to know you know, but they also at the end there like will send me the research and you know, I'm like, okay, I'll send you the research, but did you tell him to call the US Department of Health and if they want to look at the patent on antioxidants and Euro protectants for Alzheimer's and stroke and epilepsy and Parkinson's and yeah with like myself and we are in nursing homes and retirement taking people off a Seroquel taking Muscle pain patches very successfully or not even using them and we're seeing Improvement people who have psychosis, you know, the CBD there's research that shows that it helps with schizophrenia psychosis is not schizophrenia, but it's altered state and we see that that helps I've had kids on THC who started very young ended up going into Hospital settings very depressed. They put them on so many No medicines by the time I saw I saw them their IQ was really low because they never really had a chance to grow and using CBD got them off of THC got them off of the Seroquel and back into life and it can take one to two years when you're dealing with somebody who's been in that situation for years or when you're working with a senior. It's pretty fast. I mean we're talking about a day to a month. I mean working with the Aging population and those who don't have Alzheimer's that don't have you know, Parkinson's they do have you know, most all of us arthritis and pain and information. And and so yeah, and the thing is that they believe anything they see on TV, you know, they see that cream, you know that I've been watching on the news network. So I got this for 20 to get this for $20 why pay $60, you know, it's got CBD in it. Somebody brought me a little vial like this and it was clear and I'm like I just I didn't know there's no sleeping. It's like water but I've only paid $6.99 for it, right? I like okay. We got a long way to go to to increase station on that. But I think that's a great speakers are the vulnerable ones in that, you know area because they want it and they're the ones in the 1960s. They used to smoke and get high. So for them, it's like revisiting, you know, I got a phone call from accounting here and they knew I worked in Jerry actually knew I worked in CBD and they said we need you to do a presentation. I mean the room was packed with seniors and they said, you know, we're having a problem. We're having a problem with the seniors and I what is it and they said they're self-medicating and I'm like, you know that's been happening for years. We do that all the time, you know, they'll go home and they're anxious and they'll start drinking alcohol, you know, and they use it to self-medicate and I'm like no They are smoking weed and they are high and they're mixing it with their medicines and they're have Falls and we have to send our volunteers. Can you please come in town There's also CPD and so I go and I do a presentation on what's the difference between CBD THC and what to look for in seniors and the stories that come out the people to come and visit it changes their their lives.

It's wonderful. Well, that's great.

I really thank you for your time, and it's been great meeting you and thank you for all the work that you're doing, and it's wonderful. I can't wait to get to know you more. I'm sure our paths will cross in the industry, and let's definitely stay in touch. But thank you so much for taking time for us this weekend.

Thank you Ashley. Same here. Have a nice afternoon.

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